Newborn Session 



Newborn session fee is £30. (Payable at time of booking)

Babies will be preferably be between 4 - 15 days old ( we will go up to 4 weeks ).

What's included in session fee?


                                                                                                                       Up to 4 hours coverage

  •    Photographers time and talent 

  •    Use of our vast range of props, blankets and backdrops

  •    Sneaky Peek Facebook Image (watermarked)

  •    Viewing and ordering session with fully edited images ( about one week later )  



We will strive to give you the very highest levels of care and professionalism throughout your experience with us.

Our pricing policy is open and honest with no hidden costs or pressure sales!



Print Pack


 Five of your favourite images on the highest quality Lustre photographic paper

Three  8"x6" Prints

Two 10"x8" Prints




Digital Images On a Usb


Favourite 5 Images    £250

Favourite 10 Images   £375

All Images from session   £550











Select collection    £390


  - 10 Digital Images on a Usb

  - Three 8x6" Lustre prints

  - Two 10x8" Lustre prints












Desirable collection   £640


  - 25 Digital Images on a Usb

  -  30x20" Canvas Wrap

  - Ten 10x8" Lustre Prints












Ultimate Collection   £950


  - 25 Digital Images on a Usb

  - Ten 10x8" Lustre prints

  - 36x24" Canvas Wrap

  - 10x10" bespoke photo album





We recommend booking your Newborn session after your 12 or 20 week scan. I will book you in for the month you are due, DON'T WORRY if baby comes early, just contact me as soon as possible and we will get you booked in!


   Ideally your baby will be between 4-15 days new! This is the best time to photograph them as they tend to be more sleepy and easier to position into the cute curly poses. 


Sessions usually last between 2-4 hours, depending on how your little ones mood is on the day. This also gives us lots of time for feeding, relaxing and nappy changes.

Some babies do experience a little "baby acne" and flakey skin. Please don't worry about this or try to cover with any type of creams (as this can lead to shiny skin on your images), we can remove some or all little imperfections with our re-touching skills.


Please bring baby dressed in easily removable clothes ( something that we don't have to pull over their head to remove) and try not to put the nappy on too tight as it can leave red marks on the skin. Also bring a soft comfy blanket that baby is used to for when he/she needs a little cuddle and help them relax. We have heaters on in the studio as most images will be taken with baby unclothed... this is great for the baby but can be a bit warm for parents and me! Please come with light clothes or layers so that you don't get too warm.


If you can, please hold off feeding baby untill you arrive at our studio and also try to keep them awake as much as you can for the couple of hours before you arrive at the studio as for most of our shots we need baby to be in a nice deep sleep.  We will feed baby several times during the session which helps with hydration and also by getting baby into the "milky drunky" state which is ideal for getting your little one in to the cutest poses, so please bring extra feeds if bottle fed. Once baby has been fed we will take over most of the handling as passing back and forth can make baby a little restless.


We do have some baby supplies at our studio but bring anything you would take out normally with you (ie. nappies, wipes etc...). A dummy can be a session saver really helping to relax baby so we recommend bringing one even you don't usually use one. We will take away dummy before we take the photo.

The Session fee is payable at time of booking and is non-refundable.  We Know that babies do get poorly so if you need to cancel your newborn session we will be happy to rearrange for a more convenient date. 24 hours notice is required.

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